2020 Parking Permits in Effect

Hi Westwood Village UOA Residents,
Thank you to everyone for coming by the Community Clubhouse to pick up the new parking permits.
The new 2020 parking permits are now in effect.  The old 2020 parking permits are now null and void.  If your vehicle or the vehicle of one of your guests is found using the old permits, it will be subject to towing.
Residents are not permitted to use the visitor hangtags.  Visitor hangtags should only be used by visitors to the community.

If you still have not picked up the new parking permits, please contact Capitol Management Corporation (contact information is listed in the footer section below) to make arrangements to register each vehicle in your household and schedule a time to pick up the new permits ASAP.  The Report an Issue / Ask a Question feature of the website can also be used to send an e-mail directly to the Management Company.

Kind regards,

Board of Directors
Westwood Village Condominiums