Various Reminders – January 2019

Hi Westwood Village UOA Residents,

Please read below for several community reminders:

TRASH: Mind the community disposal rules. Trash should be secured in bags and placed in the designated receptacle, while recyclables can be placed directly into the designated receptacles. Trash and recyclables should not be thrown on the ground outside of or near the collection areas. Please do your part to help keep our community beautiful.

GYM: The clubhouse is a shared resource between the condominiums and townhouses. Please put equipment back after use and wipe off equipment after use.

PETS: Complaints are again increasing regarding pet waste left on common areas. There are a total of six pet waste stations located throughout the community. Each is equipped with bags and a lidded trash can. Please make a note of their locations and clean up after pets to help keep our community beautiful.

FiOS: Westwood Village Condominiums is in the final stage for FiOS delivery. Verizon has indicated that current Verizon subscribers will receive an e-mail advising of availability, while non-subscribers can contact Verizon in the coming weeks to setup service.

Kind regards,
Westwood Village UOA Board of Directors