August 2020 Announcements

ASPHALT & CONCRETE WORK: The last planned project for 2020 will be asphalt and concrete work. Concrete work is scheduled for 10/2/2020, weather permitting. Concrete work will address tripping hazards in the community and shave down the sidewalks so that they are level. The asphalt work is a routine patch, seal, and stripe project. A notice with pertinent dates is forthcoming from the management company.

Rod, the friendly custodian is back cleaning the entrances.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: Personal belongings of any kind are not permitted on the common elements. This includes the building hallways and stairwells. Each unit is permitted one “welcome” mat at the unit entrance and one personal door item. Signs of any kind are not permitted to be posted, erected, or displayed upon, in, from, or about any unit or common elements without prior written approval.

TRASH: Mind the community disposal rules. Trash should be secured in bags and placed in the designated receptacles, while recyclables can be placed directly into the designated receptacles. Trash and recyclables should not be thrown on the ground outside of or near the collection areas. Please do your part to help keep our community beautiful.

ASSOCIATION PAY: Consider enrolling in Association Pay for auto debit of monthly condominium fees. An application form and sample application were recently uploaded to the website after recent inquiries by residents.

WEBSITE: Residents are strongly encouraged to utilize the Association website to report issues. While the friendly custodian for the community is an excellent resource, he is not expected to make decisions for the Association. The website provides a direct line to the managing agent and Board of Directors.

NEXT MEETING: The Board of Directors is scheduled to meet to conduct Association business virtually on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 at 7:00pm. Call in details are posted in the calendar located on the website.

Kind regards,

Board of Directors
Westwood Village Condominiums