March 2020 Announcements

TRASH: Mind the community disposal rules.  Trash should be secured in bags and placed in the designated receptacles, while recyclables can be placed directly into the designated receptacles.  Trash and recyclables should not be thrown on the ground outside of or near the collection areas.  Please do your part to help keep our community beautiful.

COMMUNITY SAFETY: With the warmer months upon us, please be mindful of your surroundings as residents take advantage of the nicer weather to spend more time outside.  Help us maintain a community of good neighbors!

CORONAVIRUS: Shared spaces are inherent in condominium communities.  Please follow the official CDC guidelines for taking precautionary measures dealing with the virus.  More information here:

PETS: Complaints are again increasing regarding pet waste left on common areas.  A total of six pet receptacles, each equipped with bags, are located throughout the community.  Please make a note of their locations and clean up after pets to help keep our community beautiful.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: Personal belongings of any kind are not permitted on the common elements.  This includes the building hallways and stairwells.  Each unit is permitted one “welcome” mat at the unit entrance and one personal door item.

SEASONAL REMINDER – CONDENSATE LINES: All owners are strongly encouraged to have their heating and cooling systems serviced at least once annually, to include cleaning of the condensate drain lines.  Condensate line backups cause damage to your unit, common elements, and other units.  Owners are reminded that they will be held responsible for damages.

GRILLS: Grills are not permitted for use or storage on balconies or patios at any time.  Units found in violation will be sent letters and subject to fines and penalties.

Kind regards,

Board of Directors
Westwood Village Condominiums